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Hi friends, since i can't able to update this blog regularly, I planned to stop posting on this blog for a while. So no more posts will be published in this blog for some months. Surely this blog will be back after 7 or 8 months. Thanks for all the readers of my blog for visiting it and sorry for the inconvenience caused...

Hi everyone, this is my first post about a mechanical part called internal combustion engine. This will make you know about the working process of an internal combustion engine. A GIF image is also added in this post, to explain you more about the working of an internal combustion engine.
An internal combustion engine is an engine in which the combustion of a fuel occurs in a combustion chamber inside and integral to the engine. In an internal combustion engine it is always the expansion of the high temperature and pressure gases that are produced which apply force to the movable component of the engine, such as the pistons or turbine blades.
Basic process
Internal combustion engines have 4 basic steps:
1. Intake
Combustible mixtures are emplaced in the combustion chamber.
2. Compression
The mixtures are placed under pressure.
3. Combustion/Expansion
The mixture is burnt, almost invariably a deflagration, although a few systems involve detonation. The hot mixture is expanded, pressing on and moving parts of the engine and performing useful work.
4. Exhaust
The cooled combustion products are exhausted.
Many engines overlap these steps in time; jet engines do all steps simultaneously at different parts of the engines. Some internal combustion engines have extra steps.
Now i think that you have got some idea about how a internal combustion engine works... Let's know something different in our next post.

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